SB Sync Highlights for 2014!

News Here are just a few of the SB sync highlights from 2014:

BEYOND THE HORIZON (Kennedy/Williams/Dylan) – “Boyhood” (Film);

CLASSIC GIRL (Muro) – Shopstyle (Ad);

CRY (Kohlman) – Gap (Ad);

DANGEROUS (Armbruster/Wilkis) – Madden 2015 (Video Game) / Taco Bell (Ad) / Hyundai (Ad) / “Big Bang Theory” (TV) / “House of Lies,” (TV) “Earth To Echo” (Film);

DYNAMITE (Garson/Glazer) – Target (Ad);

GLORY OF LOVE (Hill) – “Mindy Project” (TV);

MARSHMALOW WORLD (DeRose/Sigman) – Target (Ad);

MERP (Muro/Hammer) – Kohl’s (Ad);

RELAX BABY BE COOL (Gainsbourg) – “Dumb and Dumber To” (Film);

TONGUES (Armbruster/Donnelly) – FIFA 2015 (Video Game), “Revenge” (TV), “The Mindy Project”
(TV) .