Change of Address Policy & Procedure
A signed Change of Address Form is required to formally change an address in our system. To change your address please email royalties@reservoir-media.com with your account name and new address.

Setting Up an Estate or Beneficiary Account
In order to set up an estate or beneficiary account, please fill out and follow the instructions on the Estate or Beneficiary Application Form.

Payment Schedules

Shapiro Bernstein remits royalties twice a year.  Payments are remitted on February 1st for the six-month period ending December 31st of the prior year, and on August 1st for the six-month period ending June 30th of the current year.  Client royalty accounts less than $50 are accumulated and paid by check once the total amount available for distribution reaches $50, provided we have the relevant Tax ID number on file. The royalty remittance threshold does not apply to clients who opt-in to direct deposit royalty payments.

Direct Deposit
If you would like Shapiro Bernstein to remit your royalty payments via direct deposit, please fill out either our Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement for US Bank Accounts as well as the proper US Tax Form – W9 for US residents and W8 for non-US residents.