Song: Give Me Tonight

Written by Chris Barbosa, Ed Chisolm

Fresh on the heels of her smash hit “Let the Music Play,” Brenda “Shannon” Greene watched her second single, “Give Me Tonight,” perch in the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart for four successive weeks in March and April of 1984. “Give Me Tonight” then soared into the Billboard R&B Top Ten one month later. Written by Chris Barbosa and Ed Chisolm, the same collaborators who penned “Let the Music Play,” “Give Me Tonight” was featured on Shannon’s first album released in early 1984 on Mirage Records. Shannon’s unique style of dance music and her passionate vocals make her recordings stand out as some of the best pop music of the 1980s.

SHANNON kicked off the new millennium in style with an updated version of her 1984 #1 hit "Give Me Tonight," cleverly titled "Give Me Tonight 2000."

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